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SWEET - Social Welfare Educational Economic Trust

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Organisation for Rural Development, shortly known as ORD, aims to help the under developed sector of people irrespective of caste, colour, creed at Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Districts by providing various programmes like Health, Education and Economic development and gives equal opportunity to all of them to come up in their life.

The objectives of ORD are,

Advancement of Literacy & Employment Opportunities

  • To assist the weaker section for education, by opening Balvadies, crèches Hostels,short stay Homes, and Shelter Homes etc.
  • To prevent drop-outs and child labour.
  • To promote adult education.
  • To provide Reading Room for rural literates.
  • To give vocational education, and to guide the educated unemployed youth for employment opportunities and self employment.
  • To Propagage our age-old culture and literature.

Advancement of Health

  • To provide base health amenities to the weaker section through Government and other voluntary agencies.
  • To conduct awareness programmes, to propagate family welfare programme, to impart Health education and to give care for pregnant women.
  • To do incountry/inter country Adoption for welfare of un issue parents and avoid illegal, with orphans and poor children problems.
  • To work for the rehabilitation of the disabled and to serve the aged people, by Counseling them to make them feel that they too are important citizens
  • To provide good sanitation portable water and to conserve the environment.
  • To promote Indian Medicical System, the art of Yoga and to emphasis the importance of basic physical exercises

Advancement of Economic Development

  • To impart awareness among the weaker sections to indulge in self-help programmes to improve their economic status.
  • To provide financial assistance and to receive loans for small-scale trades and handicrafts to unemployed youth and self help groups through Banks NGO’s and Government agency such as THADCO, SIDBI,HIDBI,NABARD,DIC,RMC,NMDFC etc.
  • To guide for financial assistance through Government schemes for Self-employment.
  • To construct low-cost houses for the poor and downtrodden with assistance from government and volunteers .
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshop and Research studies for Human, animals husbandry forestry and environmental etc. developmental etc. developments.