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SWEET - Social Welfare Educational Economic Trust

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Self help Group function

Some of training programmed conducted regarding self earning course to girls. For example DOLL MAKING CANDLE PREPARING, TAILORING COURSE and some of the handcrafts works. They get more benefit and an opportunity to earn by their own. This course may be very useful to lead life happy through the course and training program.

Women health Awareness

We conducted health awareness programmed for women. The motive for this programmed is health is wealth .The message we given to the public about the balanced diet and how to present them from diseases. We gave tips regarding how to maintain women health from teenage to advantage; Approximately 50 women participated in the program. If a women is well healthy person a whole family will be healthy definitely. Women’s are the backbone of the family and society. Women are leading their family successfully so their health is very essential to maintain by taking healthy and nutritional feeds.

Training Tailoring Programme

We conducted the training program for poor girls and uneducated girls. Six months tailoring course and training provided to the needy women. By using this training uneducated people also earn much. They can get self confident and economy of their family will increase .If a single family increase their economic level means then definitely the economy of India will be developed.

women leadership programme

Our trust organized and trained women fir the posting of leadership our president has been contributing all her might towards empowerment of women. Approximately 25 members participated in this function and they were known the integrity of women on maintaining housekeeping and society.

Environmental Awarness Programme

Prevention is better than cure we insist this proverb to public to maintain very neat and clean environment. We taught a session about how to avoid pollution in daily life .Environment is good means we will not suffer by any disease .This awareness program is very useful for the entire society not only for the private housekeeping neat and clean.

Youth Development Awarness

The motive of the program is purely about youth generation. They may get problem in their age. They must have to develop themselves to face the entire problem and the entire risky situation. We conduct DRUG addict awareness program through drama and songs. We explained the defects and damage of the human body and loss of health. They were given the remedial classes to come out of the drugs.

Neuropathy Awarness Program

We conducted a neuropathy program to the public to explain the usage of the neuropathy. We gave the demo by curricular activity to insist the neuropathy treatment is only good to health .It doesn’t have any side effects and inexpensive method of treatment for diseases.

Herbal Awarness Program

Herbal is the nature gift provided to the people. We conducted a special program to ensure the usage of herbal we can very effective and natural greenly vegetables, fruits and leaves to eat. Chemicals cause many problems in life we collected articles about that and explained to the peoples. We insist them to use all the products in herbal available in market .For example soap, Hair oil medicines for treatment, creamy e.g. Residency has to made in good environment and non pollution means we can live healthy and happy.

Feedback Meeting

By the end of this year we conducted feed back meeting for all the awareness program and training .Mostly we get positive and good feed back .Many people get benefited by our trust programs. The people who participated in those programs definitely get happy and they congratulate our trust to continue this service.